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ABclonal is an innovative growth company established in 2006 with the aim to provide reliable and cost-effective products and services for both basic and translational research in the cutting edges of biomedical science. ABcolnal is specialized in large-scale human genome antibodies production, both polyclonal and monoclonal.
By a unique cell sorting and enrichment technique, ABclonal’s scientists achieve the isolation and in-vitro culture of individual positive antibody secreting cells (B lymphocytes), obtaining antibody sequence from positive B cell clones through bioinformatics analysis, then amplify and clone the genes into an appropriate vector, introduce the vector into a host and achieve expression of adequate amounts of functional antibody in host cells.
ABclonal cov¬ers over 15,000 monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies based on di¬fferent antibody development platforms. Its quickly expanded antibody portfolios will provide wide choice for targets and empower the research in cutting-edges of life science. The panel of its antibodies covers major areas of life science research, including Cell Biology, Cancer, Immunology & Inflammation, Epigenetics & Nuclear Signaling, Metabolism & Endocrine, Neuroscience, Stem Cells & Development, Cardiovascular, Protein Post-translational Modifications, etc.
ABclonal has established R&D centers worldwide with different focuses to support technical innovation and product development for protein science and molecular biology. They are always eager to listen carefully to the opinions and feedback from talented scientists across the globe, and quickly translate the customer needs into theirr product development pipeline, dedicate to developing valuable research tools based on the state of the art technologies to meet the needs of innovation in a timely manner.

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