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Gamma Irradiated Prepared Media

In addition to our standard range of Redipor® media products, we also offer triple-wrapped irradiated settle plates, 90 and 140mm Petri dishes and contact plates. Gamma irradiation extends shelf-life typically to 6 months in ambient conditions. All irradiated products are subjected to the same rigorous quality checks as our standard pre-poured plates. Once packed, they then pass through an additional sterilisation process.
Finally, they are tested after irradiation to confirm growth properties and pH. A detailed certificate of analysis is provided with each batch.Packaging plays an important role in maintaining conditions for the agar and providing consistent, reliable prepared media that delivers confidence in your sampling.
The Redipor triple-wrapped irradiated plates packaging illustration demonstrates the sterility assurance provided by each layer, following exposure to gamma radiation.

Redipor® range of injection vials and DIN bottles

As part of our Redipor® prepared media range we offer an extensive selection of injection vials and DIN bottles, from 5ml to 500ml. Sterility test broths and rinse solutions available in a choice of fill volumes.

All of these products are fitted with rubber injection stoppers and aluminium tear off seals and are supported with QC testing documentation.

Specialist products are available on request. We will consider any specific requirements and offer solutions wherever possible.

Redipor® Universal Operator Broth Transfer Kit

The Redipor® Operator Broth Test Kit is a pre-packaged set of components; created in accordance with guidance from the UK Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Committee; to aid in the assessment of operators undertaking aseptic preparations.

Used in high level cleanroom environments as a standard assessment of an operator’s ability to maintain the sterility of materials during the preparation of aseptically prepared injectable dose forms, and for routine operator monitoring.
The kit contains: a 50ml Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) injection vial; three empty 30ml sterile injection vials; a 100ml TSB broth bag and one 10ml TSB ampoule.

The EVA infusion bag is particularly appropriate to TPN compounding. All components are supplied by Cherwell Laboratories in a purposefully designed corrugated plastic box, for ease of use.

Redipor® range of bottled media products

The Redipor® prepared media range includes a variety of bottled media products offering options in both media type and container.

All prepared bottled media products are manufactured and terminally sterilised within our cleanroom facility. They are subject to stringent quality checks and QC certified.

The standard screw cap range includes Tryptic Soy Broth and Thioglycollate USP medium, plus diluents such as Buffered Sodium Chloride Peptone or Maximum Recovery Diluent.

Specialist products are available on request. Any formulation or quantity can be discussed.

Redipor® range of prepared media products

We provide an extensive range of Redipor® pre-poured plates including Petri dishes in 50mm, 90mm and 140mm sizes and contact plates.

Gamma irradiated products are also available.
All prepared media plates are manufactured within our cleanroom facility with quality checks at each stage of the process. Each batch is quarantined after filling, allowed to naturally condition, 100% inspected prior to final packing and can be stored at room temperature.
A sample from each batch is removed for final quality checks with a detailed certificate of analysis provided.

Browse our range of poured culture media products below and contact us to discuss any bespoke formulation requirements.

Redipor® range of bagged media products

As part of our Redipor® prepared media range we supply bagged media products from 100ml up to 10 litres, with varying fill volumes.

The use of bagged media products is growing in popularity as they offer a convenient way to supply varying volumes of broth. They are also an important component within operator validation processes.

All batches are supported with QC testing documentation.

Bespoke Prepared Media Solutions

In addition to our standard range of Redipor® media products, instrument accessories and packaging, we also offer a fully bespoke service for any aspect of your environmental monitoring programs. Whatever you need: settle plates, petri dishes, contact plates, bottled media or bags, settle plate stands or another product we haven’t created yet, we are very happy to discuss your specific requirements and work on a solution that fits. Cherwell Laboratories are experts at finding solutions for bespoke requirements. We have designed and produced a range of settle plate stands and contact plate carriers, for example, for specific plate placement. We have also created bespoke packaging solutions, such as the one we developed for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and special VHP impermeable barrier packs for gamma-irradiated media.

Prepared media accessories

To complement our range of Redipor® prepared culture media products, we have developed accessories to help transport and position settle and contact plates in optimum locations.

Table top and floor stand options available in the settle plate stands, and a carrier for up to 20 Petri dishes or contact plates.

We also provide surface sampling instrumentation and can create tailored solutions to meet specific criteria. Many of our products have been developed to solve specific issues for large pharmaceutical manufacturers