ZellBio GmbH

Since 2011 ZellBio GmbH offers independent and high performing sales and service organization for demanding applications in the life-science market. Our main focus is the production and sale of reagents, antibodies, chemicals and Assay kits. We also stock a wide range of products for general and specialized laboratory requirements in all areas of application.

The sale of our products is handled by a client oriented team of specialist in molecular biology, who are supported by our internal division of product managers and specialists.

Our Philosophy:

  • Provide the highest quality product
  • Maintain low costs to pass along to the researcher
  • Be an advocate for the industry
  • Support our customers as any loyal business partner
  • Be an ally to businesses in the industry
  • Put forth products with hope
  • Look towards the future

We look toward the future with hope as we send out our products with the intent that they will be used in great discovery. We are a small company dedicated to the success of those whom we supply. So we provide high-quality low cost materials to scientists and researchers. We give our customers the best so they can discover, invent, and innovate. Because that is what it is about for us…The Discovery.

Commitment to Quality:
We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality products available. We test our products from our network of trusted global suppliers to assure they meet our quality specifications. We stand behind all of our products knowing that our reputation lies on the success of your experiments.

Range of Products

We are providing more than 20000 articles to share a vision with every researcher: Each facet of life science research will introduce us to a future of impactful discovery and learning, benefiting the entire world.

10 Years

Whenever you feel like there’s no quality left on the market with the fair price, we’ll disprove that! We’ve been selling high quality products for years!



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