Hello, and welcome to the redesigned Goldbio.com, and to Shared Results, our new hub for discussion, research topics and news. You will notice some new features on our website, including an expanded search bar to help you find our products via chemical name, catalog number or CAS number. We’ve also added a simpler interface that helps you add products directly into your cart quickly and easily. Additionally, our new site features a more enhanced focus on product information and reference material, with more safety documentation, protocols and other pertinent specifications now readily available on our product pages.

We are also proud to introduce the new feature that you are currently reading, Shared Results. This blog will be a destination for compelling conversation and informative discussion intended to encourage interaction among researchers. We hope that such interaction will lead to exciting projects and a broader understanding of the field, and help improve life in the lab.

You will find article reviews, stories, news, product exposés, and information about what’s going on here at Goldbio, as well as informative essays and stories from guest bloggers and researchers interested in sharing their thoughts. If you have any ideas for discussion or topics to write about, or if you just want to join in the conversation, consider Shared Results your platform for reaching out to the scientific community.

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