Nickel HTC Agarose Beads

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Nickel HTC 6% Agarose Beads are suitable for downstream purification using IMAC. These resins combine the advantages of Nickel purification with the high flow rates of the HTC resin (70% higher than commercial standards).

The Maximum flow rate at 15 cm bed height is > 1000 cm/h and the maximum pressure is greater than 300 kPa. The binding capacity with an approximately 30 kDA protein is 6 mg/mL.

These products are excellent for large scale His-tagged protein purification:
-Easy scale up and robust function

-High chemical and physical stability

-Good resolution in minimum time

HTC beads are high throughput beads designed to meet the demand for industrial process separation, suitable for use with FPLC or HPLC, and can withstand pressures up to 300 kPa. Their rigidity and mechanical resistance permits high flow rates, with good resolution in a minimum time frame, making these beads ideal for process-scale use. HTC beads are highly crosslinked 4% and 6% agarose matrices and have excellent physical and chromatographic qualities. They are autoclavable. These beads are an ideal support for the immobilization of ligands for Affinity Chromatography and base media support for producing IEX (Ion Exchange) and Hydrophobic interaction chromatography resins.

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. Do not freeze.

Note: Some discoloration of the Nickel IDA resin has been observed in reaction with low levels of reducing agents such as DTT. However, the resin remains fully functional even at concentrations as high as 5mM DTT.

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Storage/Handling store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.
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