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Moxi V


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Gold Standard Cell Counts, Cell Size, and Viability

The Moxi V™ provides a combination of volumetric cell sizing (Particle Sizer) with simultaneous fluorescence (Flow Cytometer) to provide the most accurate cell counts, size, and viability in the industry. Specifically, the Moxi V™ employs the Coulter Principle to precisely measure the volumetric particle size of each particle for exact size measurements down to 3µm in diameter (14fL volume), easily distinguishing between cells and debris. The system is also equipped with a 532nm laser and a 561nm/LP detection channel for robust cell viability analysis. Propidium Iodide (PI)-stained dead cells measure 50-100 times brighter fluorescence on the system than do live cells, removing the ambiguity associated with traditional Trypan Blue viability assessments. For each test, these size and viability measurements are applied, individually, to up to 23,000 cells in a matter of a few seconds. This ensures the highest level of precision and statistical robustness. As the fluidic volume is precisely metered as well, the particle counts are presented as an exact cell concentration.

The Moxi V™ employs a patented, single-use, microfluidic flow cell. The flow cells eliminate the hassle of traditional flow cytometers and Coulter Counters, eliminating the need for cleaning, maintenance, clearing of clogs, cross contamination and occasionally replacement of bottles and tubes. The Moxi V™ uses very little sample volume, 60µl’s, allowing you to conserve your precious, potentially expensive, sample (e.g. stem cells). Cell concentrations as low as 10 cells/µl are possible, typically requiring just 5µl’s of cell sample diluted in 55µl’s of PBS.

Some key features of the Moxi V™ include:

• True Cell Viability Counts
50-100x more sensitive than vision counters.

• Precision Sizing.
Uses the Coulter Principle to get precise cell volumes with CVs less than 3%.

• Highly Accurate.
Accurate counts for smaller cells down to 3µm (i.e. nuclei, RBCs).
Uniquely accurate at low cell concentrations down to 10 cells/µl.

• Rapid Assays.
Offers a <15 second test that counts up to 23,000 cells compared to 200-300 counts on most vision
counters, eliminating the need for triplicates.

The Moxi V™ system comes standard with an ultra-intuitive, plug-and-play interface with free OS updates for as long as you own the instrument. No prior flow cytometry experience is required – you simply just plug and play.

Research Use Only.

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