Moxi Z Cassettes, Type S

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The Type S cassette is ideal for accurately measuring most yeast and other particles as small as 3 µm and up to 20 µm in average diameter including some algae and protozoa. Since the technology is based on a volumetric measurement, non-spherical particles (14 – 4,200 fL) can also be measured accurately.

• Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.
Patent-protected thin-film cassettes provide highly accurate, repeatable cell counts and cell size analysis in under 15 seconds. Inspired by the gold-standard Coulter Principle used in high-end counting systems worldwide, the Moxi cassette flows thousands of cells per test through a cell sensing zone to accurately capture the impedance-based volumetric measurement of each individual cell in the sample. Impedance-based cell counting of individual cells is proven to be over 95% accurate versus a 75% accuracy with image-based cell counting methods.

• No system contamination and integrated pre-filter for clogging prevention.
Moxi cassettes are designed with a unique “cell sieve” to minimize cell clumping and clogging. In addition, Moxi cassettes contain 100% of your sample within the cassette body, eliminating the possibility for system contamination and sterilization. Cassettes are simply and easily discarded when testing is finished.

• Two tests per cassette
Each Moxi cassette offers two individual tests. The instrument will also alert the user if a used cassette is mistakenly inserted in the unit.

• Multiple cassette options.
Users can choose from Moxi Type M or Moxi Type S cassettes depending on cell specifications.

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MXC002 / MXC012-25, MXC002 / MXC012-250